Blue Harvest
Farm Gate Sales

Our System

Blue Harvest is an early adopter of cloud computing. We developed our own web-based sales & marketing platform and integrated our system into a leading cloud based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform,

Blue Harvest’s sales team, clients and customers are based in different geographical regions. Blue Harvest’s cloud platform links us together, streamlining and automating our business processes with the cutting edge, logistical advantages of cloud computing technology. Synchronisation across all channels optimises internal collaboration and better access to real time data extends our capability to manage our client’s sales and marketing requirements.


Blue Harvest’s sales team enter orders directly onto our cloud sales platform, providing real time sales information back to the farm. The harvest-sales process is very dynamic, matching available harvests of prawns, barramundi etc with sales in a limited time-frame.

Real time recording of sales or changes to sales avoids mistakes and improves our service to back to customer.


Blue Harvest’s sales team make professional presentations in the field, using presentations that are stored on our cloud platform. This means that their presentations are always kept up to date with accurate information.


Chatter is a powerful communication cloud platform that makes it easy for sales team members in the field and producer clients on the farm or boat to connect and collaborate.

Chatter creates a work environment where ideas and expertise are easily shared, transcending hierarchy and flowing across geographies, with the end result being improved productivity.

Product Information

Blue Harvest’s sales team have real time product information and pricing at their fingertips, improving their ability to close sales and provice excellent service to customers.


Blue Harvest’s team and our clients have access to multiple real time sales reports and dashboards to analyse sales and help improve productivity.